Gold Coast Escorts – The Truth About Escorts

Gold Coast Escorts – The Truth About Escorts


In the 21st century the oldest profession in the world has become something of a primary obsession for the media, politics and pro-feminist activists who debase the value of the sex worker by painting the sex industry as a lurid aspect of the criminal underground and bereft of morality. Mainstream media has filled our minds with images of the junkie street walker turning tricks for a few bucks just so she can buy her next fix. This portrayal is so far from the truth it is almost laughable In an enlightened age where world leaders like Berlusconni can fall in love with a young escort named Ruby the Heart-Stealer and throw “bunga bunga” sex parties with working girls, where ten US presidents have had affairs with ladies of the night and where currently the Australian Sex Party is a legitimate political force safeguarding workers in the sex industry, the escort has finally come of age..

It is now often the case that the high-end escort is unwilling to reveal their profession not because of perceived shame but because of an unwillingness to let the tax man know how much she really earns. There was the case of the New York escort, according to the Today website, who was jailed for money laundering and other tax offences when she revealed how much she earned in one week. A whopping $72, 000 and $29, 000 in one other particularly lucrative weekend. The flip side of the lack of mainstream acceptance of the escort is perhaps one of the best kept secrets in polite society: the actual and undeclared financial rewards that can be gained from becoming an escort. A report in the Australian stated that FIFO sex workers earned on average $10, 000 a week, 10 times the average weekly wage, when visiting mining stations. This estimation was conservative and these ladies were not the high-end escorts that grace wealthy cities like the Gold Coast. Mere mortals can only speculate!

Then there is the well-publicized story of the English backpacker Summer Knight who was reported to have earned on average between $10,000 to $12, 000 a week working from home. The UK Daily Mail reported that she initially became an escort because she was unable to find work, but now continued in the profession to fund her global life-style and the high life she leads mingling with the rich and famous. But is there a downside to being an escort?

The supposed link between organised crime and the sex industry is no longer an undisputed fact even though it was one of the main reasons why society shunned a profession that has existed since the dawn of mankind. People tend to forget that organised crime not only impinges upon the sex industry but also influences all aspects of society, including politics and world economies. Why does society demonize the sex worker demographic and thereby promote the further undervaluing of the female gender, yet celebrate other male dominated professions because they don’t offend politically correct sensibilities? Media portrayal, historical bias, and vested interest have all played their part in perpetuating the notion that the sex industry is a haven for drug addicts and promotes human trafficking. However, the Australian Institute of Criminology states that there have been no prosecutions in Australia for debt bondage and furthermore, drug use in the sex industry involves mainly street workers and is no higher than any other mainstream demographic.

It is clear now that in our liberalized sexual climate another aspect of the sex industry and representation of the sex worker is beginning to emerge; that of the fully independent, devastatingly beautiful, high society seductress whose profession just happens to be labelled escort. It’s a case of “She was a fast machine, she kept her motor clean, she was the best damn woman that I’d ever seen,” according to the lyrics of rock band AC/DC. Even at the less glamorous end of the spectrum, the street worker is no longer prey to violent pimps and earns above the average wage in Australia. This is according to the 2012 Australian Bureau of Statistics which has always been a conservative snapshot of society and states that the street worker earns on average between $1600 to $2000 a week. Another fact according to the bureau is that a female escort is more highly educated than the average Australian with approximately one-quarter of escorts possessing a University Degree or higher as opposed to less than 20% for mainstream Australians. Beauty and brains! What a combination.

Sex-industry nay-sayers have long claimed that sex-workers encourage poor sexual health in society, but this notion has also been shot down according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics which has found that the sex industry has the lowest incidence of STI’s in comparison to other demographics. Escorts always use condoms, have regular health checks and choose their clients carefully.

Beauty is a commodity and in our world, there is nothing more beautiful and glorious than the fully realized, fully independent, sexually liberated aspect of the feminine divine that reaches its pinnacle in the high-end escort. There is no greater expression of female empowerment than the high-end escort making a mint through giving and getting pleasure in the lap of luxury. Selective about their clientele, the escort more often than not dictates the terms of the engagement and can decline any offer that doesn’t meet her standards.

Here in Australia, the Gold Coast sex industry is at the cutting edge of the reinvention of a profession that now boasts the promise of high society validation, lucrative reward and a lifestyle of glitz, glamour and fun. This change has been afoot for decades with the decriminalization of the sex industry in Australia with laws passed in Queensland in 1992. It’s no longer the pimp in control, but now the sole operator earning big bucks and mingling with the wealthy elite, super selective about her clientele and dictating her desires to a desperate daddy dying for her affection.

There’s a reason why the most beautiful women gravitate towards the professions of movie star, model, escort, it’s only natural to use your abilities to make your way in life. Some would argue that beauty is not an ability, but this argument falls short of the fact that beauty has the ability to change the heart, heal the spirit, enlighten the mind. Look at history and the legend of Helen of Troy, the face that launched a thousand ships and sparked a war, or classical artistic masterpieces focusing on the female form – the paintings of Botticelli, Michelangelo, and Gauguin come to mind. It is not just looks that count, and the glittering prize in the alpha male’s life is not so much the trophy bride, it is the lover who is not only drop-dead gorgeous, but who is also equal to her man in terms of independence and capability. And the best place to find such a lover is not always on internet dating sites, but very often in the arms of an escort who knows just how to pleasure her chosen male client. A girl who is independent, self-sufficient, highly-intelligent and is always pursued by the high-flyers and wealthy elite of society.

In 2016, an ABC feature article reported that there are an estimated 70, 000 so called “Sugar Daddies” in Australia. So much for the notion that only the most desperate girls turn to escort work; in light of the fact that becoming an escort can manifest in a life of million dollar mansions, fast cars, and even a loving partner.

Of course, the most beautiful people will be celebrated for their beauty and the escort is rewarded for feminine charms that are off the scale in terms of human attractiveness. This is not to claim that some women lack beauty. The fact remains that “woman” is synonymous with beauty. Nearly all women have the potential to be attractive; however, some females have found strength and confidence in their physicality, personality and sexuality, and have elected to use these attributes to make their mark in the world. If money makes the world go around in a male dominated society then it is the female that is the focus for that money.

Like the Geisha, a thousand-year old Eastern tradition that has turned the profession of courtesan and the desire for sex into a Zen art form, it could be argued that the Escort, has redefined the notion of what it means to be female in Western civilization. And, in particular, some of the most sought-after escorts in the world reside here on the Gold Coast, where sun and surf, glitz and glamour, luxury and wealth have as their focus the female that can melt a man’s heart while charming him with level-headed grace and beauty. The flawed perception of the escort industry as being tainted has yielded to an understanding that being escort is a valid yet undervalued profession, a guarded secret verging on sexual transcendence in this 21st century.

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