Gold Coast Escort Bella – Clients Perspective

Gold Coast Escort Bella – Clients Perspective


“My first time with Gold Coast escort Bella, and it won’t be the last!  – Client’s perspective”

She moved past me, brushing her hips and slender shoulder against my body as she stepped out onto the balcony to admire the million-dollar view of the ocean, all lit up by a three-quarter moon that cast its light on the Gold Coast.

“Bella,” I whispered her name to myself, already amazed at how familiar the word sounded in my mouth. Her black cocktail dress revealed legs that were lithe and tantalizing in the way they gracefully complemented her slim waist, D-cup breasts and bare shoulders, which glowed in the moonlight without the slightest blemish.

A sudden breeze caught her long, brown hair, lifting strands around her slender neck and I saw her shiver slightly in the Autumn air. I picked up my jacket and went outside to cover her, hold her, tell her I had fallen completely in love with her, beneath the Gold Coast starlight. Even though we had only just met, and had a first dinner date at a classy Italian restaurant, even though she was a high-class Gold Coast escort my business partner had suggested to me, even though she was younger than my daughter and this was a girlfriend experience I paid for, it felt real.

“I’ve been to the penthouse apartment here once, last year.” She leaned into me as I wrapped her up in my jacket, pressing my groin against her buttocks, firm and full of promise. She was making a comparison to this apartment, on the 25th floor of the Gold Coast Q-1 building, which I had booked for the week.

I nuzzled my face into her hair and held her tighter, my erection throbbing with painful heat brought on by the most intense desire for this girl, this twenty-one year old Gold Coast beauty who had told me her mother was an Italian Contessa from Palermo Sicily, and her father had been an elite soldier in the Australian Defence Force. I inhaled the perfumed scent of her hair; patchouli, bergamot and some other exotic fragrance that suited her subtle seductive style and her personality. Playful but not obvious, sweet but not naïve, sexually confident but not promiscuous.

We moved inside, all the while I was holding her in my arms, breathing her essence, lost in her presence. I dropped the jacket and started to unzip her dress, fumbling once in my eagerness to see her naked, suck her nipples, taste her sweet sex, consummate our romantic interlude. She caressed my erection as I felt her warm pussy with one hand and pulled down her dress with the other.

I had a few seconds to admire a body so close to perfect, through her purple, see-through G-string and brassiere, and then her lingerie was on the floor as I quickly undressed and pushed Bella down on to the leather couch, kissing her neck as we descended into the promise of bliss. She giggled and gently resisted for a moment, then let me move my head down to taste her hairless sex, sucking and tonguing her pussy lips until she moaned. I moved up her gorgeous body, this Gold Coast honey, mine for the moment, mine for the night. “Bella”, I said her name with my mouth pressed against the side of her angelic face and was so intent to be inside her I started to position my hips so I could enter her and she pushed me back with a delicate hand that was surprisingly strong. “Hold on tiger,’ she smiled and reached for a condom without breaking eye contact with me, grabbing one from the packets that were spread out on the glass coffee table beside us. Ribbed. Strawberry flavoured.

She opened the packet with her teeth, and used her mouth to secure the end on the head of my erection as she rolled the thin rubber down over my manhood, which threatened to explode just from her electric touch.

Making love to her now, her legs wrapped around me. Her pussy tight and fresh, and so wet we didn’t need lubricant. She kept moaning and all I could think about was orgasming inside her, owning her, holding her, loving her, and then I blew, long and hard and the condom may as well have been non-existent. She bucked hard in response and I kissed her lips and was totally absorbed in the bliss of sexual consummation with this Gold Coast hottie who was young enough to be my daughter.

We didn’t stop there. Bella took me in to the bathroom after putting a fresh condom on me, and turned on the shower; gold faucets and trimming and aqua tiles, all Gold Coast opulence. My erection was still throbbing and ached with so much lust. It brushed against her naked buttocks as I continued holding her and kissing her neck and saying her name “Bella”.

“My friends call me Bella, my lovers call me Belle”, she said this breathlessly and her brown eyes had a mischievous twinkle to them as she grabbed my manhood and pulled me in to the steady stream of hot water. She kissed her way down my torso and put my sex in her mouth and started a slow suck so pleasurable the condom seemed negligible. Over and over she moved her head until I groaned deliriously.

“Bite it.” I said to her. She bit down on my shaft and dragged her teeth along my erection, careful not to break the condom, then she repeated the action. I couldn’t stand it, I pulled her up and turned her around and rubbed the head of my shaft along her tight pussy lips and slid into her. I took her hard against the shower glass, grabbing her full firm breasts from behind, pinching her nipples, whispering her name in her ear as the hot water steamed up the shower around us, thrusting over and over.

For moments on end we transcended time as I vented my lust in this high-class honey, in the heart of the Gold Coast. Then I blew again, and she bucked again. I kissed her repeatedly, tasting the trickles of water from the shower, and the wine on her lips, my wet naked flesh pressed against her wet naked body.

We sat on the couch with soft mood music in the background and the sound of the Gold Coast surf was a natural accompaniment to our quiet conversation. She was wrapped in a luxurious fluffy white towel, demure for the moment. She told me she had moved to the Gold Coast as a young girl and had then pretty much lived here her whole life. She was studying multimedia design at University part-time and had become an escort because she knew how beautiful she was. I told her I had been in Corporate Finance for fifteen years and had lived in Sydney my whole life.

At one point in the conversation I jokingly said, “Marry me.” She just laughed and said, “You want me to be a trophy bride you captured from the Gold Coast? Not very politically correct in the post-feminist era, don’t you think?” She nestled closer to me, resting her head against my bare chest, her damp hair against my skin making me erect again.

“Then how about I be your Sugar Daddy?” I felt her smile and she rubbed her hand on my stomach. “I think that’s already a foregone conclusion.” And my heart soared for a moment. I was totally infatuated, no, deeply besotted by this girl. If this might be a daughter fantasy, so what? If I was twice her age, so what? I’d never met a girl so gorgeous and intelligent, so sexy and playful. She was the epitome of Gold Coast feminine charm and beauty. I was divorced and single, and hadn’t been with anyone for a while. She was the gift to myself that I needed, the hottest sex I had ever had.

She checked her phone for a moment when it buzzed and I felt a twinge of jealousy come over me as I remembered she was an escort and we had only met that night. How many other ‘boyfriends’ did she have? As if she had read my mind she said, “Don’t worry, it’s not a jealous boyfriend. As I told you, I’m single.”

“No boyfriend?”

“A Gold Coast Titans player has been pursuing me for months but I’m not really interested. I like being independent.” And then she kissed me and I could taste the wine on her lips and it was like ambrosia. I got up, lifting her up with me and the towel dropped from her slender body to the ground and I was in awe again at how physically attractive she was. We moved to the bedroom. We made love for the rest of the night and fell asleep with the lamp on, myself pressed against her back and buttocks, like life-long lovers spooning in bliss.

My hopes for morning sex didn’t come to fruition when I awoke to see Bella, ‘Belle” pulling on jeans and tucking a clean white t-shirt into them. She looked heaven-sent in the morning light, her lustrous and long brown hair draped over one shoulder. “Belle,” I said her name involuntarily.

“I’ve got to go,” she smiled and came over and kissed me once on the cheek, then after a moment of thought, kissed me deeply on the lips. I didn’t want her to go. Even though I had already paid for the night I felt like I had to give her something. I remembered the platinum bracelet on my wrist; a gift from my daughter after I divorced my wife. It had my name engraved on it. I quickly took it off and got out of the bed. I went to Bella and gave it to her. “Please, take this, so you remember me.” I couldn’t believe how desperate I sounded. It was so unlike me, but then again, she was something special.

She said, “I won’t forget, call me.” And then she was out the door with her carry bag and I was standing naked in an empty apartment, on the Gold Coast, already planning my next rendezvous with this Gold Coast beauty called Bella.

  • May, 2017

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